All About Dyslexia – For Kids

Did you know that there are kids with dyslexia in every class?

Dyslexic kids are just as smart as other kids but their brains work a little bit differently. This brain difference makes learning to read harder for them.

But like all kids, dyslexic kids have their own unique strengths and challenges. When they have the support they need, they can achieve anything they put their minds to!

Watch this video and take our quiz to test your dyslexia knowledge!


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#1. Dyslexic kids are not as smart as other kids:


#2. Dyslexic kids find it hard to match letters to sounds:


#3. Kids with dyslexia tell others about their problems:


#4. Kids with dyslexia can be good at telling stories:


#5. There are many famous and successful people with dyslexia: