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We mean it: ask us any questions you have about dyslexia and we’ll post the answers below. We’ll update this page throughout the month of October with answers to the questions we receive, so be sure to check back often!

You asked, we answered:

Question: From Simone, grade 4: “How do you get dyslexia?”

Answer: Great question Simone! Dyslexia isn’t something you can catch, it is something you are born with. Just like some people are born with brown eyes and some people are born with blue eyes, some people are born with dyslexic brains and some people are not.

Question: From Shaylyn, grade 5: “Are there any famous people with dyslexia?”

Answer: Yes, there are lots of famous people with dyslexia! There are also lots of things you use every day that were invented by people with dyslexia. Here is a link to a website full of stories about successful dyslexic people.

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